2022 Litter: Noodlets

Rafael x Tini

MBISS GCH Maverick Diablo
CH Scalloway & Serac’s Hold My Quarantini PT RN TKN RATN RATI

Tini decided to come in season smack dab in the middle of the 2022 Collie Club of America national. I had the option to send her with the owner of the stud dog I had originally planned to use, but retrieving her from KY would have been really tough so i decided to take her home and do a chilled semen AI with him instead.

But best laid plans often go awry! Due to complications, my chosen stud dog’s semen could not be shipped. After a couple hours of frantically gesticulating, I remembered that just down the road in San Antonio were the breeders of Tini’s sire, Maverick collies. April and Frank Trevino invited me even with the short notice, and told me I could evaluate all three of their stunning stud dogs to breed to Tini. All had their virtues, but a beautiful, masculine tricolor boy was my choice. We therefore bred Tini to the lovely Rafael, aka MBISS GCH Maverick Diablo. Rafael is a proven sire, and has already produced lovely puppies including 2021 CCA smooth 6-9 puppy bitch class winner Heiress Rewrite the Stars, “Rikki”. This is a linebreeding I was looking at doing in the future anyway, as we are doubling on the stunning 2018 CCA Rough BOV GCH Maverick Painted Lady, “Violette”. This breeding also traces three times to GCHB Wyndlair Point Given “Xander”

Tini delivered 5 healthy and adorable boys on June 12, between 4:35 and 7:25 AM! All are doing well and thriving. Tini is a fabulous mom and even lets my mutt Auriga participate in the puppy raising.

These boys have been a lot of fun so far. They are all vigorous and show their little quirky sides. Please follow us on Instagram for more daily puppy content (and terrible noodle puns)!

You can follow the boys’ growth here! https://fidopoli.com/kennel/AWDKLDY394

“Hi, I made this”

I expect temperamentally stable puppies, with a good off switch and desire to be with their families. I am currentl using early neurological stimulation, early scent introduction and Puppy Culture protocols. Puppies will be temperamentally tested by an IAABC certified dog behavior consultant at 9

Puppies are all MDR1 N/N; DM Carrier or Clear; PRA clear, Grey Collie clear. DMS results could be aabb, Aabb or AAbb.

Rafael is in the process of getting his hips graded, but with the low incidence of hip dysplasia in the breed and the soundness of this line, I felt comfortable moving forward without OFA finals.
Tini has been graded by Pennhip at 0.34/0.38, and OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal. Update: Rafael’s hips have been graded excellent and elbows normal!

Pedigree for this breeding



CEA MildCEA Mild
PRA-rcd2 N/NPRA-rcd2 N/N
DMS Aabb DMS Aabb
Hips ExcellentHips Excellent
Elbows NormalElbows Normal
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