My name is Roxane, I am a French/British national currently living in Central Texas. I am a university lecturer and have a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry!

I got dropped into the dog world after adopting my first dog Auriga. Ri is half hound and gave me a run for my dollar but has been an amazing teacher! She is still around and half retired from dog sports.

In 2019 I accidentally became part of my local collie scene and a couple months later acquired my first show dog, Matt. We both made a pretty awesome team and were very successful at dog sports! Matt, unfortunately, had to be rehomed, but he will always stay close to my heart.

In 2020 I co-bred my first litter with Lea Bertsch of Scalloway Collies. I kept Tini, a little tricolor smooth girl, and am a co-owner on Sassy, a blue merle rough girl. I am very excited about their future and have been enjoying doing *all the things* with my dogs.

I admire dogs that can do it all, but also stand their own when compared to the collie standard. I highly value versatility and herding ability. Tini was the youngest versatility qualifier at the 2021 Collie Club of America national, and I plan to continue to compete in that challenge in the future.

I bred my first solo litter in 2022, but am happy to direct you to reputable breeders around the USA that may have collies available.

As a Collie Club of America member, I aim to go above and beyond in terms of ethics and health testing. All my breeding dogs will have CHIC numbers prior to being bred, and results are fully available on OFA. Following CCA code of ethics, all puppies will be seen by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist at 8-10 weeks, and owners will receive a copy of the CAER exam results. I also prefer the PennHip approach for the screening of hip dysplasia.

I am active in the collie community and am a member of the Collie Club of America and an elected member of the board of directors of the Collie Health Foundation. I am also the 2021-2022 President of the Collie Club of Austin, TX.

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