ptd. Serac Scalloway Starry Night

MBISS GCH Maverick Diablo
GCH Scalloway & Serac’s Hold My Quarantini PT RA SCN SEN SIN CGC ATT TKN RATN VA

Health Clearances:

  • CEA: Mild choroidal hypoplasia (CERF)
  • MDR1: Clear/Non-carrier
  • DM: Clear/Non-carrier
  • PRA: Clear/Non-carrier
  • DMS: AAbb 002:01/002:01 Moderate risk

Nash was the pick of the litter from Tini and Rafael’s babies. Unfortunately, he decided to be fluffy! I also found his DNA results less than ideal for my program, so I decided to place him as a show prospect. Longtime collie enthusiast, judge, and breeder Pati Merrill (Merrill collies) directed me to MaryAnn Campbell, another longtime collie fancier. Nash checked all her boxes and some, and I was incredibly enthused to send my puppy to such a great home. Nash made his way to Florida by way of Sunnybank, where he wooed the hearts of many an attendee at The Gathering. Nash is training in agility, scent work, and will hopefully be a therapy dog like his older brother Duncan. He is also pointed in AKC conformation and has recently started his nosework career!

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