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CH Scalloway & Serac’s Hold My Quarantini PT RN TKN RATN RATI

CH Maverick Tyrant x GCH Scalloway’s The Huntress CGC TKN

Tini Tini Quarantini!

I am so excited about this girl! Her dam Diana is Matt’s half sister and shows the same drive and work ethic that he does. Diana is also a littermate to GCHG Scalloway’s Lion Hunter TKN who was #1 all-breed rough 2018 and 2019 (Canine Chronicle).

Her sire, Ty, is out of GCH Maverick Painted Lady who was Best of Variety rough at the 2018 Collie Club of America National. Ty is a gorgeous boy and we are very excited to introduce his line’s virtues into our dogs.

Little Tini was born at barely six ounces and quickly earned the nickname “Little Bit”. We weren’t sure she was going to make it, but some supplemental feeding and love from mama Diana sealed the deal. I still remember her barely fitting in my hand and now l have a whole grown dog! I started calling her “teeny tiny” as a puppy because she was smaller than the rest, and the name stuck. She came home with me as the COVID quarantine hit in March 2020, so Hold My Quarantini/Tini was a logical name combo, plus it encapsulates her “hold my beer” attitude.

Tini is a fun little firecracker who enjoys sleeping belly up and playing with her toys. Her whole litter had outgoing, fearless temperaments and we are extremely happy with how they are growing up. I love her clean, smooth head and lack of depth, as well as her well-angulated front and lovely, effortless movement. These virtues are sorely needed in collies today so I am excited to have such high quality puppies in my first litter!

Tini has a very nice amount of drive and makes an excellent sports dog on top of conformation. She is a quick thinker and loves toys, food, and praise as reinforcers. At 4 months you could find this girl jumping over agility bars with a toy in her mouth. On top of herding, Tini trains in Scentwork, Barnhunt, Agility, Flyball, and Rally.

Tini is naturally very good on stock. She covers her sheep and ducks well in a calm, collected manner and is quick to find balance. She responds well to commands and is truly a delight to work with. Every judge we have trialed under has urged me to continue in this discipline with her, which is a huge compliment. I am absolutely hooked and can’t wait to see where our journey takes us!

Tini is also my at-home service dog and naturally performs DPT and interruption/grounding tasks. She is currently in training for public access.

Tini and I went to the 2021 Collie Club of America national specialty where she was the youngest dog to qualify for Most Versatile Collie. To do that, she qualified in three venues: herding, rally, and conformation. Tini truly is the whole package and I am delighted by her maturity in training!

Tini is co-owned and co-bred with Lea Bertsch of Scalloway Collies.

Health Clearances:

  • CEA: Mild choroidal hypoplasia
  • MDR1: Clear/Non-carrier
  • DM: Clear/Carrier
  • PRA: Clear/Non-carrier
  • DMS: Aabb 002:01/002:01 Low risk
  • PennHip: 0.34 (R) / 0.38 (L)
  • OFA Hips Prelim Good
  • OFA Elbows Prelim Normal
  • CHIC #156559



Scalloway & Serac’s Sassy Watercolor

CH Maverick Tyrant X GCh Scalloway’s The Huntress CGC TKN

Got Sass?

Sassy is our second keeper out of Ty and Diana’s litter. Very true to her name, she is full of character and rules the puppy pack. Sassy has a beautiful, clean head with no depth and extremely smooth from muzzle to neck. I am in love with her earset and inquisitive expression. On top of that, she has a level topline and beautiful angles in both front and rear. Sassy is truly the whole package one can only hope for in a show dog!

Sass has a good level of drive, but is definitely an independent thinker who makes her own rules. She is a huge people pleaser and loves to snuggle or get groomed! She is a natural show dog, struts in the ring like she owns the place.

Sass is a huge water dog, despite being a rough! She definitely takes after her uncle Samson, GCHG Scalloway’s Lion Hunter. Water hose wrestling or swimming in Lake Travis, Sassy is game!

Sassy is co-owned and co-bred with Lea Bertsch of Scalloway collies, and lives permanently with her other co-owner Liz Long.

Health clearances:

  • CEA : Mild choroidal hypoplasia
  • MDR1: Clear/Non-carrier
  • DM: Clear/Carrier
  • Cyclic Neutropenia (Grey collie): Clear/Non-carrier
  • PRA: TBD
  • DMS: TBD
  • CHIC # TBD


Bred by: Nyx

Scalloway’s Dream Temptress

CH Maverick Tyrant X GCh Scalloway’s The Huntress CGC TKN

Wilder Wild Child

Nyx was a special puppy. As she grew, it was clear she was going to need an equally special home. This was a puppy who at 6 weeks would jump over agility bars by herself, with a toy in her mouth. Serendipity brought me in touch with Sydney and somehow this crazy puppy from the other end of the USA hit all the things on their checklist. Syd didn’t plan on a collie, but Nyx was too good to pass! They flew down all the way from New York to pick Nyx up, and promptly sent me a video of Nyx playing tug with their hair, in true Nyx fashion. She quickly earned the nicknames “little goat” due to her affinity for the top of the couch, and “psycho” for obvious reasons. She is definitely the habanero of the Ty x Diana litter. Nyx takes everything in stride, and is currently training as a medical alert service dog.

Nyx is a slow maturing girl, but has had some significant wins as a puppy with her owner Syd, who is new to AKC shows. At their first show these two went Reserve Winners Bitch to a 4 point major in a very very competitive New England lineup under breeder-judge Maret Halinen. Then, she took Reserve to another major here in Texas under breeder-judge Carl Willeford.

Nyx excels in outline and angulation, both front and rear. She has a lovely headpiece with no depth and a nice finish. Her expression is sweet and inquisitive, and that tail never stops wagging. We are very excited to see her grow into herself! She is also training in rally, nosework, obedience, agility, herding, Search and Rescue, and possibly Mondio!

  • CEA : Mild choroidal hypoplasia
  • MDR1: Clear/Non-carrier
  • DM: Clear/Carrier
  • Cyclic Neutropenia (Grey collie): Clear/Non-carrier
  • PRA: Clear/Non-Carrier
  • DMS: Aabb 002:01/002:01 Low Risk
  • CHIC # TBD



Bright Star in the Sky RE CA DCAT CGC TKI RATN ETD

50% Mountain Cur, 16 % Aussie, 14% Plott, 12% German Shepherd, 8% Chow Chow

Meet the muttmutt

I cannot list my dogs without mentioning my honorary collie!Auriga was adopted as an adult from the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana. I have no idea of her background except that she was left at animal control with two siblings (one of which was about to have puppies) because her previous owner either died or went to prison. Auriga also had pyometra and had to be spayed immediately as it could have become very very bad.

She immediately made herself at home and showed a talent for training! At my first dog training class my teacher took me aside and told me “Do you know your dog is amazing? See how she looks at you!”. Since then, Auriga and I have been to many dog shows, traveled across the Atlantic, and hiked many paths together. She has been an amazing teacher in the way of dogs and I would not be here without her.

Our dog sport journey started in 2018, when I went back to my training classes for CGC and TKN. We passed with flying colors, and my instructor recommended I try rally obedience. We got our first two Qs not long after that, and thus started my passion for dogs and dog sports.

Due to crippling acid reflux, Ri had a huge chunk of her motivation taken out of her. She was semi-retired from dog sports for over 2 years, occasionally coming out to chase plastic bunnies in CAT and FastCAT. In October 2021 Ri came out of retirement to obtain her Rally Excellent title in one weekend! I hope to continue having fun in high-level rally with her as long as she’ll entertain me.


CH Divine’s Double Portion RN BCAT CGC TKI RATO RATI

GCH Divine’s Golden Opportunity ROM x GCH Divine’s Hurricane Sandy

Barkasaurus Matt

Matt was my first show dog and started his career with a bang. He finished at 9 months old with 6 majors and 21 points with multiple specialty wins and a best puppy award. We then continued showing as he continued maturing and obtained some nice wins on the way. He was 8 points and one major away from being a grand champion!

Outside the ring, Matt enjoyed Agility, Obedience, Rally, Barnhunt and Scentwork. I had yet to find a sport this dog did not excel at.

Matt was neutered in June 2020 to focus on performance and versatility. Unfortunately, due to worsening issues, I had to return Matt to his breeders in December 2020. It was an incredibly heartbreaking decision to have to return my bub, but he is better off with less stress in his life. I will miss him terribly,

Health Certifications:

  • CEA Mild
  • MDR1 Mutant/Normal
  • DM Clear/Carrier
  • PRA Clear/Non-carrier
  • vWD-II Clear/Non-Carrier
  • DMS aaBb 002:01/002:01 Low risk
  • PennHip 0.26/0.24
  • CHIC #147266

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