Snow in Texas?

It’s been a while! Tini has been staying with me permanently and having her around has been a lot of fun. She is such a sweet, easygoing girl! We’ve also moved into a new house with my SO, who owns an adorable 6 month old corgi girl named Remi. The two puppies have been in a constant state of either wrestling/playing around the house or passing out. Love this dynamic little duo!

The dynamic trio. Or girl dog version of the three musketeers?

We were entered in the Glen Rose shows, but unfortunately the humans here got COVID and thus have been isolating for the past 3 weeks. Isolation has its perks I guess, I’ve definitely been working more on training and have been doing a lot of work on completing the collie breed archive (! I’ve entered nearly 1300 American collies to date. Hopefully we can continue using it and make it another amazing resource for collie pedigree research. I’ve also been working on her tricks for her novice title! Pending AKC confirmation, she should now have her TKN.

In other news, the Collie Club of Austin show committee has worked round the clock to reschedule our specialty show to March! Come join us for six total shows (2 concurrent specialty, 4 all breed) in the Hill Country 🙂 Premium will be available soon on Onofrio:

The surprising part of quarantine with Quarantini was the huge snowfall we had in Texas! Tini and Riga got to play in the snow and had a B L A S T. I’ll just leave the pics for ya to judge!

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