Baby show dogs make their first ripples

As shows have been slowly starting over, our quarantine team of puppies has been busy! The girl team, Sassy and Tini, proudly supported by Auriga, took a trip to Elk City, Oklahoma for their first show. I couldn’t be more proud of these two puppies: they handled the show environment, COVID regulations and flood of new experiences like absolute champs.

At seven months, we had very little expectations going into this show. The goal was to have fun! You’ll thus imagine my surprise when little Sassy, at her first ever dog show, took Best of Opposite Sex to her uncle Samson (GCHG Scalloway’s Lion Hunter), over a champion, for her first point! And to top the day, she was awarded Owner-Handled Best of Variety over another champion!!! I couldn’t believe it! Sass walked into the ring like she had done it her whole life. She held her stacks and accepted the judge’s exam like a pro. Thank you immensely to judge Denise Dean for being so kind to my little girl and seeing her virtues. She did not place in Owner Handled group, but had a mighty good time and I expect she will be seeing that ring again in the near future! Sass is now the first of her littermates to be pointed in AKC! This is so emotional for me as Sassy was literally born in my hands – Lea handled most of the puppies before her.

I went back and looked at some puppy videos of Sassy when she was three weeks old. She was already a little show dog, strutting around the whelping box. It’s no wonder she’s a natural!

Miss Tini did not place but also had a very good time. I received countless compliments on her friendliness, training and breed type! She is a little firecracker and I love her to death. Travelling with these two was certainly a fun time!

We stopped at the gorgeous Quartz Mountain State Park on our way back to Texas and got some pictures and well deserved decompression. I am beyond proud of these puppies and all they are achieving!

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