Major puppy wins!

Our local collie friends came together last weekend and built a major in both roughs and smooth collies at the CenTex Kennel Club dog shows in Belton. The plan was to enter a bunch of our quarantine puppies so that the older dogs could obtain majors towards their championship!

Since I was coming right off with the girls from Elk City, they stayed around with me until the show. They had a great time playing with their uncle Matt and romping in puddles. Sass is surprisingly quite a water dog. Of course it’s the fluffy one!

Of course it started raining and both girls decided to go mud diving right before show. Tini even did a very artistic faceplant in a puddle of mud at midnight on Friday! We were showing at 9:45 AM 😬 EMERGENCY ACTION

The ensuing bath was not appreciated.

There was a lot of competition in smooths! Tini got nothing but showed like a pro. My friends however, were very successful! Suanne King-Hardie of Swan Collies finished her beautiful 2 year old girl Chirp, now CH Swan’s Song of Eventide! Good girl Chirp! Her half sister Muse, Swan n Tercan n Zandria’s Siren Serenade, also got her first major! Meanwhile, Erin Gorney of Aidan collies showed her girl Paige and finished her grand championship! Paige is one of the sweetest most versatile collies I have met and I absolutely love her. She also topped the weekend with two owner handled group placements! Good girl RAB! Paige also recently did her first dock diving trial and became the first ever dock diving smooth collie!

In roughs, the gorgeous Samson (GCHG Scalloway’s Lion Hunter TKN) won best of variety all weekend! He also got a group 1 on Sunday and group 3 Sunday!!! What a boy! Lea was beyond proud of him! His handlers David and Jennifer Harper show him amazingly.

Sammy’s full sister Lilly got her last major Saturday, making her CH Scalloway’s Gilded Lilly! Her owners are over the moon! Lilly was then moved up to specials and won multiple points towards her grand championship, including BOS to her brother over another champion.

Sammy’s daughter Ivy (Scalloway’s Divine Covergirl) was Winners Bitch the rest of the weekend, now needing only singles to finish. Jennifer Harper truly worked miracles with that girl and we are extremely thankful!

Sass didn’t win any points but we won the Bred By class all weekend together, and she really showed super well in a very competitive Winners Bitch lineup. She’s gonna be a superstar as she continues growing.

Our surprise was the inclusion of another Diana puppy, Eris (Scalloway’s Lady of Discord)! She was the cryptic merle rough that we sold to a Father-Daughter duo in Dallas as a possible juniors dog. Eris is a spunky little girl! Very happy in all situations, and absolutely in love with her kid 🙂 We reconnected with Brian and Astoria a couple weeks before the show and were amazed by how gorgeous and grown up Eris looked! We invited them to Belton with us for a fun first show, and because with all these dogs we were gonna need some extra hands! Astoria asked me to show Eris on Saturday, then showed her herself for the rest of the weekend. They are adorable as a team! Eris moves really well and Astoria has exactly the right speed for her. They’ll be quite the duo as they grow up! For now, it’s fun to see a crazy happy waggy little pup have a blast with her human.

In boys, pretty puppy Cajun was a little overwhelmed on Saturday as it was his first show ever. Lil’ bub decided to show off on Sunday where he went Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 3 point major, from the Bred By class!!!! Thank you to judge Murrel Purkeiser for this honor!!! I gotta admit, I cried a little when she awarded the ribbons. He is starting to look like a true little show dog. I love his expression: he is masculine without being massive. And that length of neck! I’m so excited to see how he is going to turn out. Cajun is now *major pointed* Scalloway & Serac’s Painted Blue By You!

Finally, our friend Elaine got her first major on her beautiful boy Trey on Monday. It was an awesome weekend with great friends! The puppies will get some time to grow up and mature while we wait for more local shows. Sammy will be on the road, so don’t hesitate to clap for him if you see him!

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